Chapter 1: The football stuff.

It all began with a few innocent blogs about football.

After graduating from Wheaton College (outside Chicago) with a degree in Communication and French, I stumbled into a job that would define the next few years of my life.  After 13 months of  requisite post-college drama – “What am I supposed to DO with my life?!” – holding down 3 jobs and 4 roommates with no vacuum in a carpeted 1.5 bedroom apartment (imagine…if you dare…), I landed a gig in Chicago working for a sports agent that specialized in the NFL  and other forms of professional football.  My boss encouraged me to blog about my exciting life “behind the scenes” working for a sports agency and, since I didn’t have the heart to tell him that sitting at a desk 85% of the time for 5 years doesn’t exactly make for scintillating reading, I agreed, except I digressed a LOT.  So I interspersed it with some ramblings on life, a trip to Africa, climbing a mountain, and some hockey, because I truly heart hockey.

Frequently though, I just wrote about Buffalo, because I really heart Buffalo.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, until college dragged me to the Midwest, but that never stopped me from being fanatical about certain things, namely the Bills, Sabres, Yankees, lake effect snow, Tim Horton’s coffee, Wegmans grocery stores, and chicken wings.

Long story short, I became a casualty of the NFL Lockout.  I was unemployed 6 months before starting a retail job that would brighten my days and get me by until I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  So that’s where the old blog left off, with large men who were millionaires fighting over money while the fate of thousands of peons like me hung in the balance.

And when it all ended, I decided I needed a break from blogging.

Read Chapter 2:  The lost years.


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