Chapter 2: The lost years.

Chapter 2 happened in life, but it didn’t happen in my blog.  I tried to make it happen in my blog, but I couldn’t get around the thought that single, unemployed, and sad (and for one 5-week period, homeless) didn’t make for a great read.  It’s one thing to reflect on tough times in your life; it’s a whole other thing to have an ongoing pity party throughout which you word vomit your woes on an audience of three (1. my mom, 2-3. those friends who had about 10 hours of actual work to do in a 40-hour work week and thus lo-oads of time to kill).

I thought about new angles and themes.  I tried to get excited about food blogging or travel blogging or even to venture again into sports blogging, but nothing stuck.  My problem was compounded by the fact that every person on earth with access to a computer and at least one finger on each hand has tried to blog, and has thus rendered every potential blog name permanently unavailable.  So there was that.

Then I moved to New York City.

Read Chapter 3:  NYC…


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