Dear Todd McShay: Chill.

4 days after the 2010 NFL Draft, Todd McShay has released his first mock draft for next year’s draft in 2011.

First run at 2011 mock draft

I don’t know whether to be depressed that he predicts the Bills to finish last in the league or excited to have the first overall pick.

Let’s go with B.


“Blasphemer! We all need Tebow.”

Mel Kiper’s man-crush on Jimmy Clausen was not funny (although it was a little funny watching Jimmy stay atop Mel’s “Best Available” list for 24 hours).

On the other hand, America’s love affair with Tim Tebow is hilarious.  I confess:  I’m one of them!  How can you not be into this guy?!  The man wears God under his eyes!  The comments and articles in and around him right now are too great not to share so here are my personal faves, with links if you have time.

  • In the Friday 4/23 Page 2 podcast D.J. Gallo calls Tim Tebow “the Chuck Norris of football” and he lauds Drew Brees, who tweeted about God, for trying to out-Tebow Tebow.  He also spends time discussing that perpetually breathless quality Tim Tebow has, and I must say he’s spot on – it’s like Tim has always just finished a sprint, and feels great about it.  I listened to it twice.
  • Best line of Page 2’s Inside the brain of Tim Tebow:  “I’m especially happy to be playing a mile closer to God.”
  • The Monday Page 2 podcast:  A direct quote from Tim Tebow on his combine meeting with Josh McDaniels, read by Mike Philbrick in a voice that’s half Terminator half Kevin from the Office, “It was ball, and it was juice!!!”  It’s priceless- start at minute 9.
  • Page 2’s D.J. Gallo Recaps the Draft pick by pick:

“No. 25 — Broncos: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
No. 26 — Cardinals: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
Really? They’re still continuing? How annoying. The Mr. Irrelevant pick moved up to No. 26 this year. And 27, 28, 29, 30 and so forth.
No. 32 — Saints: Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State
Drew Brees announced this pick for the Saints. Or that’s the rumor. Most people stopped watching after Tebow was drafted. If the NFL is going to keep having its draft in prime time, they need to script it like a prime-time show. Nothing should be resolved until the end. The Saints should have drafted Tebow. They don’t need Tebow, you say? Blasphemer! We all need Tebow.”

Tebow is going to be SO much more fun to hear about all offseason than Favre.  See ya, Brett.

Tebow: a face only all of America could love.

How it all went down.

And finally…to the results!

Andrew Brewer

No, neither of our clients was drafted.  Huge bummer.  Both had a bit of an injury history that affected their stock in various ways (but may I add both are now 100% healthy!)  Regardless, the draft is money and teams can get gun-shy pretty easily.

But on a good note, Brew will be heading to Patriots minicamp this week to show them what’s up and hopefully earn himself a contract, and Kurtis was snapped up by the Carolina Panthers.  Kurtis received a great signing  bonus for an undrafted free agent and there’s definitely room for argument on their depth chart so it should be a really good opportunity for him.  Kurtis was a bit down from not being drafted but he rebounded quickly, sending my boss the following text:

“The Food Network says the best coconut cream pie is in North Carolina!”

You lose some, you win some.

Kurtis Gregory

Why we watch the draft (a.k.a. “where 16 hours of my weekend went”)

You got it, we watch the entire draft.

We get together at my boss’s house so that we can split screen ESPN and NFL Network plus have our laptops and cell phones all plugged in around one table.  His dining room is our own little Masterplan war room.  Our new addition, NFL/NBA agent Michael Wozniak, drove down from Grand Rapids to be with us Saturday as well.

Both of this year’s clients were late-round projections, but the early rounds still matter for a number of reasons.

1.  One of the main things I do throughout the draft is update depth charts. We print off each team’s depth chart going into the draft and then I write the picks in as they happen. This is in case of the hoped-against possibility that our clients go undrafted. An undrafted player who is still a good prospect will typically have a number of teams trying to sign him as a free agent.

Here is where having a good agent is worth its salt.

Some teams really want to give these undrafted players a shot at making the roster, but some teams just want a few more bodies for their “chosen” guys to beat up on in camp. For instance, in Kurtis’ case, if a team calls after the draft but they already have 4 guys on the depth chart at his position and they just drafted 3 more…chances are not good that they are really going to give him a look. But for a team that needed another OG but maybe didn’t draft one because of more pressing needs at other positions, to them signing Kurtis would be a steal – getting a quality player at a need position without having to use a draft pick on him.

2.  We watch for competition picks.  For instance, the Chiefs drafted a CB in the 2nd round.  We represent one of the Chiefs’ starting CBs, Brandon Carr, so I immediately texted my boss to ask what that was all about.  In this case it should be fine – there is a huge size difference between Javier Arenas (the pick) and Brandon (Brandon is by far the larger, and fast for a big corner).  Plus, Arenas is supposedly more of a return guy (kick or punt returner).  Disaster averted.

However…we also represent recently released Jags DT Rob Meier, who spent last season on Injured Reserve.  We had thought there was potential for the Jags to re-sign him after the draft, but with their first four picks Jacksonville took 3 defensive ends and 1 defensive tackle.  Doesn’t mean there’s zero chance, but that’s not quite what we were hoping for.

Extra Point:  My favorite moment of Saturday was when Michael asked my boss’s middle son, Tristan, what grade he was in.

Tristan:  “I’m in first grade.  I’m very smart, and I play baseball and football.”

I smell a future draft pick.

Friday night with da Bears.

There is nothing specific for me to do work-wise in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft except pay attention and hope, so  I figured I could pay attention just as well from Soldier Field as from my living room.

I could totally get used to being down here.

I was wrong.

A friend of mind had tickets to the Bears’ annual draft party.  Even though we had a blast, the Bears treated the draft itself like a red-headed stepchild, relegating it to small TVs plus one big projection in the corner with the sound off. Instead, we were subjected to a revolving door of personnel, coaches, and players who fielded questions about potential prospects.  Granted, the Bears didn’t have a pick until the 3rd round, but shushing the draft on the draft’s day seemed a tad harsh.  

Even though it would look really great in my cubicle...

Anyhoo, there was tons of food which was great, plus they let us walk onto the field.  Soldier Field is such a pleasant place when there aren’t 50,000 people trying to shove past you to the bathroom!

They also gave us a tour of the locker room where several lockers were stocked neatly with jerseys and pads. The place smelled impeccably fresh. It had all the makings of a sham, so I sent Nick a picture of his locker to find out if the Bears had bothered enough with the details that this was his actual jersey.

Nick’s response?  “Yes ma’am it is – don’t steal it either, cause I’m gonna need that!”

For the record, I most likely would not have stolen it anyway.

Round 1: tears are always a nice touch.

With the 1st overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams take…more than 6 minutes to make their pick!  Really, after having had the past 4 months to think about it?  This was unnecessary drama – everyone knew they were picking Sam Bradford.  This does not bode well for the overall speed of the draft.

On a related note, do we think Bradford’s misty eyes were over the enormity of the moment or the fact that he now has to play for the Rams?

3 Quick Thoughts:

  1. Denver…Tim Tebow.  Nice to see a good guy finish first (round)!  I don’t care what Mel says, from a “team player” and intangibles perspective, this was the safest pick of the draft.  On a different note, huge faux-pas by whichever of Tebow’s friends chose to wear a shirt the same mint green color as his.  Bad form!  This is Tim’s day!  Go home and change!
  2. Dallas…Dez Bryant.  Are we surprised?  Not a bit.
  3. And of course, Buffalo.  C.J. Spiller.  My reaction was “Whoa!  Hmm.”  My dad’s reaction was “Great – another guy who can return kickoffs and punts to go with the 15 we already have.”  Good point.  Who Buffalo drafts the rest of the weekend and any other free agents they pick up will prove whether they’re really committed to a run game or not.  Overall, I agree with Jerry Sullivan on this one.

Outside of that, Mel Kiper’s man-crush on Jimmy Clausen is making me ill.  Kudos to Clausen for declining to come to New York and sit in that green room – turned out to be a smart move.  But of course, Clausen is still out there for the taking…meaning my fear is still alive and kicking.