Vikings ship captain-less?

And in yet another interesting twist, Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson is out temporarily with a sprained MCL.  Maybe it won’t be a long injury, but the Vikings have got to be wondering exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into.  The expectation throughout the off-season was that Favre would choose to play.  He had the surgery, he made the effort.  And then like the kid with all the marbles, he packed them up and said “nah, I’m going home,” leaving the Vikings organization to figure out what’s left to do.

My question is, are the Vikings actually confident enough in Rosenfels and/or Jackson for one of them to be the starter, or were they looking at them as solid backups all along?  How confident could they possibly be if they were trying to talk a proven veteran out of retirement, with an open-door that lasted until day 1 of training camp?

If Tarvaris Jackson’s injury turns into a longer or bigger ordeal than expected, the Vikings could have quite the offensive situation on their hands this season.  They might anyways.


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