Additionally…the Favre saga continues.  Vikings open training camp this week.  Still no word.  Have to agree with ESPN’s Mark Schlereth though that the situation was mishandled by the Vikings, who continue to try to act aloof.  What is this, a 3rd grade lunch trade?  You can’t play it cool if you’re salivating over the snack pack.  Schlereth’s comment was that the Vikings should have come out right at the start and said ‘Listen, we believe Brett Favre gives us the best chance to win this year, and we are prepared to wait on his response.”  Instead, their feigned nonchalance is confusing and not believable.  And if it appears this way to fans, you’d better believe it feels this way to Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson who just want to know if the spot is even theirs to fight for. T-2 days until training camp.  The saga will be over soon…or will it…?


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